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Who is Coffeesummit ?

Coffeesummit is a two-man e-book publisher that formed in Japan. They consists of illustrator Hiroshi Makise and translator Nozomu Saito. In 2010, they released their first manga with a character "Ariari" in the leading role. "Ariari" has been serialized in "Digital Magazine Torutaru" since 2012. One of their most important challenges at present is to multilingualize their work. Their latest works are "Kopi Nomunomun" and "Ariari The Data Tower".

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What is Ariari ?

Ariari is my original character.
Ariari for me is an actor.
So, he plays a lot of different roles in my original stories.
For example, monster, spy, musician, and so on.

In these days of information technology,
I want to continue to create many stories based on
fantasy or horror themes.